Press release – 15/05/2014


In a short statement broadcast on 13 May, the last day of the public consultation on the proposed shoreline bill, State Minister Dimitris Stamatis recognized that the bill includes unclear, unsafe and problematic clauses. This is an important and encouraging message. It gives us the strength to continue to inform as many citizens as possible about the dangers of this bill, and to call on them to take a stand against it.
What drives us is respect towards our natural environment, which we see as our highest common good and as the true source of this country’s wealth. Managing the shores and coastline of Greece in a way that is thorough and coherent, respects extant laws and the Constitution, and is environmentally sensitive, is, we believe, the sole and most direct way of linking environment to development. Like thousands of our countrymen- and -women who raised their voices in the past two weeks, it is our conviction that the bill failed to meet this fundamental need and was, therefore, not in the public interest. This is what galvanised us into action, mobilising as many others as we could reach. This is why we contacted political associations, parties and individuals.
We who initially set up the group “Save the Greek Shoreline” will continue our efforts in the same spirit of cooperation and consent. Our guiding principle will continue to be this: that if and when the shoreline bill is tabled again, it must be in a form that respects our common convictions regarding the cultural, environmental, economic, social and historic value of our shoreline. This value has been eloquently described by the hundreds of thousands of citizens, in Greece and abroad, who have worked together – and continue to do so – in every way possible in order to voice their opposition to the bill as submitted to public consultation on 17 April.